How to Avoid Biking Injuries

How to Avoid Biking Injuries

Cycling is a great way to get around and it is one of the best exercises that you can do, but it can also be dangerous.  The number of accidents involving bicycles rivals that of cars in number.  If you are looking to start cycling to improve your health then you need to know how to avoid biking injuries and keep yourself safe while you are out on your bike. You can avoid most injuries with some common sense and the right gear.  Let’s look at how you can keep safe and injury free.

The Right Gear

Before you put one foot on a pedal you need to have the proper equipment.  Start with what you are wearing, you need breathable fabrics that lets air flow through to keep you from overheating.  You need something that stretches and lets you move freely so you can pedal easily.  If you are cycling after dark then make sure you are wearing bright clothing that can be seen.  Don’t spend a fortune on cycling gear just make sure it is comfortable and visible. The next thing you need are pads and helmets.  Pads may be optional but a helmet is not.  It will protect you if you crash or get hit by a car, get a good fitting helmet. 

The Bike

You need to have a bike that fits your frame, not too big or too small.  A bike that is too big will make you stretch too far and a bike that is too small is just uncomfortable to ride.  Both can irritate your knees and make riding uncomfortable.  Get a bike for your size and make sure the seat is in the right position.  Here is a look at getting the right size bike. 

Adjusting the Seat

Having the seat at the right height is important, when you are pedaling your leg will be extended with a slight bend in your knees.  Having your seat set properly will make cycling easier on both your back and knees allowing you to pedal properly without pain.  How the seat is tilted and the position of the handlebars needs to be adjusted to you.  The right tilt to the seat can alleviate pain in your back and the handle bars should be roughly an inch lower than the seat.  Your arms need to be bent slightly as you lean over the bike so tension doesn’t build up in the muscles causing you pain. 

Rules of the Road

Lastly you should know the rules of the road for cycling and always be aware of the traffic around you.  Cars are not as courteous as the could be and the onus will be on you to keep yourself safe in traffic.